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What TURN wants to cherish. It’s a great music and the passion of the writer who faces it.

TURN is a web media.
In the case of paper magazines, readers pay for the purchase, but in many web media, most of the funds are covered by advertising expenses more than magazines.
So we wanted to create a new and alternative way of web media. This is a web media that allows you to grow together with a passion for the music you want to introduce.

So we decided to introduce donations from readers.

Every time you read an article and feel that the presence of TURN has helped you, think about supporting TURN. And please support us from this page.

We want to work with readers to make this media called TURN a flat place for any music. That is our ideal vision and our sincere desire.
Based on the support we receive, TURN will continue to deliver a full range of articles that are more passionate than anywhere else.

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